My Pet Your Pet | Cat and Dog Boarding
Help and FAQs

Getting started

1. What is MyPetYourPet?
MyPetYourPet is an online pet boarding community for cat and dog owners only.
2. What services can I receive for my pet?
Pet day care – Pet boarding for short and long stay.
3. How old do I have to be to use MyPetYourPet?


4. Are my details confidential?
Mypetyourpet keeps personal and pet details confidential. We recommend every member to avoid disclosing their personal information (phone number, email, address) to other members.
5. How do I edit my profile?
Login to your account, select “View my profile” and edit it.
6. How do I edit my pet(s) profile(s)?
Login to your account, select “My pet” and edit your pet(s) profile(s).
7. How do I add or change my pet(s) profile(s)?
Login to your account, select “add my dog” or “add my cat”. Select your pet(s) profile(s) and edit it to change your pet’s details.
8. How do I edit my pet hosting preferences?
Login to your account and select “Your pet”.
9. How do I reset my password?
Login to your account, edit personal details.
10. How do I view my profile?
Login to your account and select view my profile.
11. How do I view my pet(s) profile(s)?
Login to your account and select “MyPet”
12. How do I deactivate my account?
Login to your account, select settings, click on deactivate
13. How do I reactivate my account?
Login and the system will recognise your details.
14. What aspects of my profile information remain private to other members?
Email address, phone number, home address, veterinary details, pet microchip number.
15. How do I update my address?
Login to your account, edit personal details.
16. How can I recommend someone?
Click on “recommend a friend” when you login and receive one credit when your friend registers.
17. How do I send a hosting request?
Login to your account, click on “send a request”.
18. How do I accept or decline a hosting request?
You will receive an email, click on accept or decline.
19. What if I cannot host any pets?
We prefer all our members to host, however, there is an option of buying credits, these cost £5 per credit. A maximum of 6 credits can be bought per month.

Membership and Payment

20. Can I pay a monthly subscription?
21. What are the different subscription plans?

Joining fee £14.99
Check profiles
Affiliate program

Joining fee £14.99
Free pet boarding
10 start-up credits
Insurance included
Affiliate program

Joining fee £14.99
Free pet boarding
1 GPS pet tracker
10 start-up credits
Insurance included
Affiliate program

22. Can I get a refund?
Yes, within 14 days, see terms and conditions.
23. Can I upgrade my membership?
There is no functionality to upgrade paid accounts mid subscription.

About MyPetYourPet

24. How do I contact MyPetYourPet?
Use the contact form on the homepage.
25. Can I register if I have several cats/dogs?
Yes, you can register all your cats/dogs as long as you are the legal owner and that they are microchipped and vet registered.
26. Can I join the community if I don’t have a pet?
No. MyPetYourPet is an online pet boarding community for cat and dog owners only.
27. Can I host several pets at a time?
Yes you can, only if they come from the same household.
28. Can a member come to my house to look after my pet/s?
29. What if I need to host my pet/s urgently?
If you have an emergency of any sorts, you simply select the “Urgent Hosting Request” option for your pet(s), which will automatically be transmitted to all community members in your area. Everyone will have 6 hours maximum to accept or decline your urgent request. Whoever will accept it, will be rewarded with extra credits.
30. What is MyPetYourPet ethos?
It is about giving and receiving and supporting each other within a community of per owners. Our community supports each other with free reciprocal pet boarding. We donate a percentage of each subscription to animal charities.
31. How do I report a suspicious profile/message?
Use the contact form on the homepage, select subject “complain”
32. How do I leave a review about a member?
After hosting is complete, an option to review the host is available in the messages
33. Can I share my contact details with another member?
Yes, you can share through the “messaging” system, but only once hosting is requested.
34. What are the Pet Compatibility tips of MyPetYourPet?
See homepage.
35. How do I favourite a profile?
When you search for a profile you will have a favourite profile option you can click on.
36. Can I edit or delete a message?
You cannot edit messages. Deleting messages only deletes it from your account, not from the other
persons in the conversation.
37. How do I get in touch with a member to host my pet(s)?
You can contact any member of our community via our secure communication platform, which means that your phone, email and home address will always remain private.
38. Can I use MyPetYourPet members across the UK?
Yes, we are a network across the UK.
39. What charity does MyPetYourPet donate to?
Upon registration we ask members to choose an animal charity (eg: RSPCA, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Manchester and Cheshire Dogs' Home and Spaniel Aid UK) We will update members regularly about our donations.
40. What vaccinations must my pet/s have?

The core vaccinations recommended for all cats in the UK are:

  •  Feline Panleukopenia Virus.
  • Feline Calicivirus.
  • Feline Herpesvirus.

The core vaccinations recommended for all dogs in the UK:

  •  Annual booster
  •  regular Flea & worm treatment

Trust and Safety

41. What is the member verification process?
We verify every pet microchip number and pet owner details by checking the microchip registration certificate or pet passport.
42. How can MyPetYourPet support me if I have an issue with a host?
Contact us by phone or email and we will support you.
43. What can I do to ensure the safety of my dog with a host?
First, you and your pet(s) meet with the host and his/her pet(s) in a neutral environment. Second, make sure your host has your vet contact details and the host is aware of the needs of your pet(s).
44. What Pet GPS Tracker do we offer?
Waterproof Mini Pet GPS Tracker with Long Standby Time

Product description:

Real time tracking and positioning

  •  Waterproof IP66
  • Smart LED indicator, Automatic turn on/off
  • Low power consumption and long standby time
  • Support 2G GSM network 800/8501800/1900 MHz
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Multiple tracking way, track by SMS, APP, Website
  • App name for Android and IOS: Setracker

45. What can I do to ensure the safety of my cat with a host?
Introduce your cat to the host’s home. Read MyPetYourPet compatibility tips.
46. Do I have access to the pet guest vet’s details in case of any emergency?
Yes, once you accept a hosting request you will receive this.
47. Who can I contact in case of any emergency with the pet I host?
Contact the pet owner and the veterinary practice of the pet owner.
48. Are my contact and personal details confidential?
Yes, they are. We keep your contact and personal details confidential. Your phone, email and home address are never disclosed to any other member.
49. What if I need to go to work or have to leave the house for an emergency and must leave my pet with the host pet?
No matter how well both pets get along with each other, we recommend you separate them if they are going to be unsupervised for a period of time.
50. What if I lose the cat or dog I am hosting?
We recognise what a worrying time it can be when a situation like this happens. We offer a Wireless Pets GPS Tracker when you subscribe to a Gold Membership. This is the most effective tracking solution.
Alternatively, you can: Contact Your Local Authority : Local Councils are now solely responsible for providing a found dog
service in their area and should be your first point of reference.
Contact Neighbouring Local Authorities: It is always advisable to contact neighbouring Councils as


51. Do I need a pet insurance for my own cat/dog?
This is not essential, every member will be covered by a public liability insurance.
52. Does the host need to be insured to keep my pet?
This is not essential, every member will be covered by a public liability insurance.
53. What if the host is not insured?
We provide third party public liability insurance.
54. What if my dog is not insured?
We provide third party public liability insurance.


55. How do I manage my credits?
Login to your account, select “credits”.
56. Can I buy more credits?
Yes. Login to your account and select “buy credits”.
57. Why is there a limit to purchase credits?
The MyPetYourPet ethos is about giving and receiving, we want all of our members to host as much as they wish their pets to be hosted. Therefore, we don’t wish to encourage too much buying of credits.
58. What can I use my credits for?
Having my pet hosted.
59. Can I accumulate my credits?
60. Can I give my credits to another member?
61. Can I sell my credits to another member?
62. When do I receive my credits if I accept to host a pet?
These will be automatically assigned to your account on the date the guest checks out.
63. How many credits can I receive for hosting a pet?
small/medium = 1 credit per day; large & extra large = 2 credits per day; XXL = 3 credits per day.
64. Can I receive credits for a cat or dog day care service instead of an overnight hosting?
Yes, the same as above.
65. What are the terms and conditions for receiving credits?
You need to register.
66. How do I get rewards for my pet?
We reward the top 10 hosts each month, based on their number of credits.
67. What rewards for my pet can I receive?
Pet products and services from affiliated business partners.

Find a host

68. How do I find a host for my cat(s) or dog(s)?
On the homepage, use the search bar and find a member.
69. How many hosting requests can I send at a time?
There is no limit. There is no way to limit this, as date ranges may be weeks apart.
70. What if a member declines my hosting request?
Use the platform to find another member. If you have any issues please contact us using our
contact us form.
71. What do I do when a member accepts my hosting request?
Your can communicate through the MyPetYourPet message board.
72. Do I need to have some credits to send a hosting request?
73. How do send a review to a host?
Once the hosting has been completed, you will receive a message requesting a review.
74. What happens if a host accepted my request and decides to cancel it later?
Cancellation penalty is only applied if a cancellation is done once the hosting has been accepted by the host and confirmed by the guest and then cancelled within 2 days of the booking. If the pets are not compatible then the booking should not have gone this far (guest should not have confirmed).
If the host cancels up to 7 days prior to the booking, MyPetYourPet will need a justification.

When My Pet is a Host

75. What are my responsibilities towards the guest pet?
Treat the pet like one of the family.
76. What are my responsibilities towards the pet owner of the guest pet?
Keep them informed of how pet is settling in.
77. Who can I accept or decline as a guest pet?
The pets that are the least compatible to yours.
78. Do I have to respond to all host requests?
Yes, you must accept or decline it.
79. Can I host several pets at a time?
Yes. You will receive credits for each pet you host. The pets must be from a single request, not multiple requests. You can only accept 1 request for a specific date range.
80. Do I provide food for the guest?
No. Each guest should bring their own food and bedding.
81. What if my pet fights with the guest pet?
It is important for the members to meet each other prior to the stay to ensure they are compatible. However, these things can happen. We would recommend you contact the owner and the veterinary practice of the pet.
82. What if I am injured by the guest pet?
Contact the owner and MyPetYourPet team.

MyPetYourPet abroad?

83. Can I use MyPetYourPet services abroad?
Not at the moment, but this is part of our future development. Microchipping
84. Why do my cat and dog need to be microchipped?
We see this as a security measure, especially if there is a problem and the pet runs away.
85. Where can I microchip my cat and dog?
At your local veterinary practice.
86. Where can I find my pet’s microchip number?
Pet passport, veterinary logbook, microchip certificate Veterinary details
87. Why does my pet need to be registered to a veterinary practice?
This is for safety reasons.
88. Why must I give MyPetYourPet my veterinary practice contact details?
This helps us with verification of identity and also the safety of other members in case of any medical problems.
89. Who does MyPetYourPet share my veterinary practice contact details with?
These are sent to the host when an arrangement is made.
90. What if I do not have a veterinary practice for my pet?
We strongly advise all members to have an assigned veterinary practice.