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Dog Sitter London

Taking the headache out of finding a dog sitter in London

How do you find your dog sitter in London? Do you give a few quid to a local teenager? Ask your vet? Check out notices in news agents’ windows, or maybe put one up yourself?

If you own a dog, you’ll know what a big responsibility it is. You are blessed to live with this wonderful bundle of fun, but you need to make sure that they are consistently cared for, even while you are away. Have you ever started to dread your holidays, because you were so worried about finding a happy home for your dog?

Worry no more. At My Pet Your Pet, we feel your pain. We are pet owners too. We know how difficult it is to leave your pet for any length of time, and how challenging it can be to find a dog sitter in London with whom you are happy to leave them.

We’d had enough of putting our dogs in expensive and soulless kennels, so we decided to do something about it. My Pet Your Pet is a community that puts dog (and cat) owners in touch with each other, so they can board each others’ pets for free.

We aim to match up pets needing hosting with a compatible home, depending on what other animals are there, including putting well-matched breeds of dog together.

We take the safety and security of you and your pet very seriously. This is why we ask that:

  • Every member takes out our insurance
  • Every pet is micro-chipped and registered with a vet
  • You don’t share personal contact details with other members: you are connected through our secure messaging platform, so there is no need to give your mobile, email or home address to another member
  • No money changes hands: you can buy or gain credits to have your pet taken care of by another member. Because our ethos is about giving and receiving, we limit the number of credits you can buy and encourage members to gain credits by looking after each others’ pets.

The beauty of our system is that you have access to a dog sitter in London at both short notice for an hour or so, and for long holiday stays.