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Dog Boarding London

A new kind of dog boarding in London

When looking for dog boarding in London, you want the best for your pet: plenty of room for them to roam around in, good quality food, and most importantly, carers who genuinely love being around dogs.

There are many kennels you could choose from for dog boarding in London, or you could find a local sitter to feed and walk your dog, however here at My Pet Your Pet, we offer something different. We give you the opportunity to place your beloved dog with a fellow animal lover while you are away.

How does it work?

You subscribe to our community. There is an option of a free membership with limited functions, but to get the most benefit, it’s best to take out a low-cost annual membership. We also ask you to take out our insurance if you are going to host pets. All hosts must be insured, so that everyone has peace of mind.

No money exchanges hands: you build up credits by taking care of other community members’ pets. You are also given a few credits when you join, and you can buy extras as needed. Once you have enough credits, you can search for other pet owners in your area who are available to take care of your pet.

We do our best to match up pets with similar environments to their home, to give them the best chance of fitting in on their short stays. You can ask a member to look after your pet for an hour or weeks, depending on what you need.

Once you’re matched up, you meet up with the sitter, taking with you toys, bedding and food as required.As you are connected through our secure platform, you don’t need to exchange personal details and we advise you meet in a neutral location. All pets must be micro-chipped and registered with a vet.

Better for you, better for your pet

So, not only does your dog get a warm & friendly home environment to stay in while you are away, you can also save hundreds of pounds in kennel fees, with our good value membership plans.

A great solution for dog boarding in London.