My Pet Your Pet | Cat and Dog Boarding
How to choose a compatible dog

To host a puppy your dog must be older than 1, preferably not older than 4. A full-grown dog can easily overwhelm a small puppy and even injure him.

Your dog needs to be socialised to reduce any risk of aggressive behaviour. Best if both dogs are sterilised, if not, it is more likely to lead to reactive behaviour. With cross breeds, look at each breed.
All introductions should be done on neutral territory. Avoid matching a quiet dog with a wild puppy that can overwhelm or upset your dog. Sometimes a timid dog can benefit from the easygoing confidence of a younger dog.

Even friendly dogs could prove dangerous if there’s a great size disparity between the pets. For safety reasons, we always recommend to avoid too much size difference. It can work but requires more supervision and care on your part.

  • Best combination option: Male & Female
  • 2nd best combination option: Male & Male
  • Less recommended option: Two Females