Reasons to choose My Pet Your Pet
Reasons to choose My Pet Your Pet

If you don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for pet care when you are away on holiday or away from home for extended periods of time, then you may want to consider My Pet Your Pet, a free pet boarding community for cat and dog owners in the UK.

But how could this service really be free?

My Pet Your Pet brings together cat and dog owners who want to have their pets hosted in a friendly and safe environment or conversely host the pets of other people. All of our members are covered by personal liability and vet fees insurance.

Here are more good reasons why joining us is a great idea.

No money, only credit

Our philosophy is that you should not pay for pet care, which can be quite expensive. If you decide to join our community, you will earn credit by simply registering, buying credit monthly or hosting a pet. The more you host, the more credit you receive and we will reward you for hosting larger animals, which are not always so easy to accommodate. The same applies for urgent or last minute requests; if you decide to host a pet last minute, you will receive more credit. Credit is earned by the day and depends on the size of the animal you are hosting.

Pet compatibility

At My Pet Your Pet, we have developed an advanced pet matching system that analyses your profile information and helps you find the most compatible pet. This is quite important because it will ensure that your own pet will get along with the pet you decide to host. By taking into account information such as your pet’s likes and dislikes and your home environment, you can find pets with similar characteristics to your own pets. You can also select specific breeds of cats and dogs for convenience and compatibility.

Safety is our primary concern

At My Pet Your Pet we only register microchipped cats and dogs and we have their details carefully verified. Your personal contact information is entirely safe and you can use our communication platform securely. If you opt for a premium membership, you will receive a Waterproof Pet GPS Tracker.