How to choose a London dog sitter
How to choose a London dog sitter

Hiring a professional pet sitter is not a viable financial option for people who are travelling a lot. Moreover, dogs can get stressed out from other dogs barking at pet sitting facilities. If you want to go away without worrying about your dog’s wellbeing then consider My Pet Your Pet London dog sitter services. 

My Pet Your Pet is a free pet boarding platform where pet owners from all over the UK can register their interest to host pets or have their pets hosted. This community aims to bring together pet owners who are unable to have their pets hosted at expensive pet hotels. 

How does My Pet Your Pet work?

When you register to our system, you can either create a guest or host profile. If you are looking for London dog sitter services you should create a profile for your dog, listing specific characteristics and other qualities that will help us find the best match possible and the most compatible host pet. If you agree to proceed with our match, then you will meet your host, get your pets acquainted and provide your host with food, bedding and toys for your dog. You can now relax and rest assured that your dog is in safe hands. 

If you want to create a host account, you will need to register and provide information about your pet. If you are matched with a potential guest dog, you can either accept or decline the hosting request. You can then meet with guest dog’s owner and arrange the specifics. Once the pet sitting is over, you will receive credit to your My Pet Your Pet account. 

Choosing a compatible dog

If you want to take advantage of our London dog sitter services, we will help you find the most compatible host possible in order to ensure that your dog has a good experience. Our unique pet matching system takes into consideration parameters such as the age, temperament, size and gender of the host dog. Even friendly dogs can prove temperamental and so we therefore recommend meeting up and introducing your pets in advance.