Great advantages of registering your pet for London dog boarding
Great advantages of registering your pet for London dog boarding

If you own a dog, you can easily understand how difficult is to leave your little friend behind in order to go on holiday or head off on business travel. Ideally, you'll have friends and family to look after your dog, but this isn't always possible. And even then, you may worry about whether the person you've entrusted your dog to can really handle taking care of your pet if they are not pet owners themselves. 

At My Pet Your Pet, we have the solution for you with our London dog boarding services. You can now leave any time and rest assured that your dog is being cared for properly. All you need to do is register on our website, gain some credit and choose a trusted and safe home for your dog while you are away. What's more all of this is for free. Alternatively, you can take care of another person’s dog and while doing so earn extra credit.

Put your mind at ease

The main advantage of registering your dog at My Pet Your Pet is that you can rest assured that caring and highly responsible people will look after your pet, since they are already pet owners. We are very particular about safety and we only accept cats and dogs that have been microchipped, vaccinated and registered by a vet.


While it would be ideal to be able to include your dog in your holiday, a lot of places in or outside the UK do not allow pets. By using the My Pet Your Pet platform, you can bring your dog with you if you're heading to London and connect with local users, who would be willing to take care of your pet at their house. This is currently only available for London dog boarding, but you will soon be able to enjoy this facility abroad.

Saving money

If you are travelling a lot, using our platform can save you a lot of money in the long run. Our memberships are custom-made to your individual needs depending on how frequently you need to stay away from your dog. To find out more about our London dog boarding services, contact us today.